The Thief of Time

Prisoners have been disappearing from Nottingham in 12th century England and no one knows why.

More troubling, a temporal anamoly is eating away at time. This is what brings a man calling himself “Friar Tuck” to the quiet greenwood of Sherwood Forest.

When he appears out of nowhere, the men of the greenwood grudgingly take him in. The band’s leader, Robin Hood, settles him in an old church, where he prepares to offer spiritual guidance.

That task is interrupted when a device he carries begins emitting noise and light, alerting him that something is going wrong. “Friar Tuck,” in actuality the Inspector, sets off to find the center of the temporal anamoly, only to fall into the hands of the evil Sheriff of Nottingham.

The only thing is, the man who calls himself the Sheriff, is not who or what he appears to be. And, that places the Inspector’s life at risk.

Will the Inspector survive to complete his mission in Nottingham? Who is the man who is stealing time and can the Inspector stop him before time collapses on everything?

Find out … in Inspector Spacetime: The Thief of Time!



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