IS/PM crossover novella “The End of Days”

A series of earthquakes across the globe in 2012 threaten the Earth. The Inspector is called to Sydney, Australia, where he joins forces with Captain James Haggard and his crew from Peacemist. The cause of the earthquakes is discovered to be an enemy that the Inspector hasn’t seen in two decades and they are determined to take control of Earth by any means necessary. The Inspector and Peacemist travel across the world to shut down the enemy’s bases, but it takes a risky manouever by the Space Master to draw his foes into a final battle to save Earth from a final reckoning.

Featuring the Inspector, Constable Reggie Wigglesworth and Captain James Haggard as protrayed by Daniel Landlord, Derwin Jordan and Jamie Bamber.

Read this adventure at The End of Days.



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