Next in the series: “Trial of a Space Master”

When the Inspector and Lily Weaver deliver a Temporal Criminal to the Intergalactic Justice Centre, both are surpised when the Space Master is taken into custody as well. The Chief Prosecutor, Brannigan Zapp, chages the Inspector with a crime he knows he hasn’t commited.

The Inspector’s Carthuriian Advocate, Bast Shamant, faces a difficult decision after an unexpected encountre with Lily.

Four of the Space Master’s former Associates are summoned to testify on his behalf, before the Chief Prosecutor moves toward creating a show trial to further his own ambitions and threatens to end the Inspector’s life.

The trial takes a sudden left turn as one of the Inspector’s old enemies appears and provokes a deadly confrontation.

Can the Inspector survive the trial and learn who was truly behind the subversion of justice? Only Time and Space will tell!

Read all about it in “Inspector Spacetime – Trial of a Space Master”!



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